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Port Alberni Inlet
Submitted by Doug Lindores | May 27, 2016 8:23AM
Sockeye Salmon Beginning to Show in Alberni Inlet and Somass River - The Sockeye Sport fishing season is fast approaching in the Alberni Inlet. The Somass River currently has some of these fantastic salmon already migrating to the two large lakes just outside of ... [Continue Reading]
Submitted by Doug Lindores | May 27, 2016 8:00AM
Good Fishing Out of Ucluelet Harbor Especially in Nearby Offshore Areas - The fishing around the Islands outside of Ucluelet has not been that good over the past ten days. This time of year Great Bear, Mara Rock and The Alley often have some spectacular fishing days. ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Coquihalla Lakes Fly Fishing
Submitted by Brian McKinlay | May 22, 2016 8:10PM
Brian Mack's Fly fishing report for Rainbow Trout: Coquihalla-Merritt region - Fly fishing all the lakes in the area has been very good the past week. We spent 5 days at Gwen lake and hooked into about 100 Rainbow trout all on small shiny midges or shrimp flies. Experiment ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Fraser Valley
Submitted by Brian Mack @ Silversides Fishing Adventures | May 22, 2016 8:06PM
Incredible Fraser River Fishing! - Fraser River Salmon & Sturgeon Fishing report - by Brian Mack @ Silversides Fishing Adventures: Fraser river Sturgeon fishing remains great for us and our clients over the past week! includ ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Ucluelet
Submitted by Brock Johansen | May 20, 2016 10:00PM
Good Chinook Fishing Right Now! - May has offered some pretty good days on the water with some nice sized Chinook salmon being caught in the last half of the month. Mid morning seems to be best right now. Anchovies and spoons ... [Continue Reading]
Submitted by salmoneye | May 19, 2016 6:28PM
Hot Salmon Fishing in Ucluelet - Hot Fishing Report Ucluelet BC May 19, 2016 Fishing continues to be very hot out of Ucluelet! We have been getting limits of Chinook salmon and the halibut are showing up as well. Fishing has b ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Nanaimo
Submitted by Regan Lall | May 19, 2016 9:24AM
Deep with Meat! - We had a very successful week on the water, boating 8 to 10 Salmon per trip, a few are just undersize but they fight like 2o#ers. There are a good number of Coho in the area, which is great ... [Continue Reading]
South Van. Island Lakes
Submitted by Tom Vaida | May 17, 2016 1:10PM
Trout Fishing Good, Bass Fishing Good - Trout fishing is GOOD on most lakes in the South Island area. Shore anglers are catching trout on Powerbait, Gulp Eggs, or worms while fishing close to the bottom. Orange Garlic and Pink Garlic ... [Continue Reading]
Cowichan River
Submitted by Tom Vaida | May 17, 2016 1:08PM
Water Levels Very Low - The water level is very low for this time of year and the water level is 0.4 meters at the lake and 0.38 meters near Duncan today. Fly fishing at the top end of the river for trout has been good ... [Continue Reading]
Submitted by Tom Vaida | May 17, 2016 1:07PM
Salmon Fishing Good - Salmon fishing was GOOD this past weekend. The Sidney Anglersí Association held their annual Spring Derby this past weekend. The winning fish was a 15.9 lb chinook caught Larry Dalziel. Second p ... [Continue Reading]
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Fishmachine wrote: Congrats OSF :) That's a nice ling. Those bugger know how to get into those steps and rocks. You gotta be fast. I used to fish there about 30 years ago with old spark plugs from car dealerships. Good times. We used to catch Spring, black cod, rock cod, perch, kelp cod, and black bass from there. Perch is my favorite tasting fish. R ... [READ MORE]
Yesterday 9:26PM
curmudgeon wrote: Wow ! Hunter Tootoo resigned this afternoon as Fisheries Minister! Dominic LeBlanc,the House Leader will take over his position. [READ MORE]
Yesterday 7:32PM
Bushman wrote: Finally getting around to posting photos from one of two fishing trips in 2015 in the kootenay region , better late then never . This one will feature pictures from October's trip and when I get a chance I will post pictures from the first trip in July. The trip was my part of my annual October trip back to vancouver island where I ... [READ MORE]
Yesterday 2:47PM
SpringKingCubaKing wrote: B.C. coast wide. Cowichan Bay is decent. [READ MORE]
Yesterday 2:31PM
SpringKingCubaKing wrote: My son has 500 traps out and is only averaging 1 pound per day per trap. He feels the season will end soon. If you buy spot prawns get some now. [READ MORE]
Yesterday 2:29PM
webber wrote: Went out this morning and fished French Creek to the humps. Landed 2 teeners and released 6 or 8 u/s. Skinny G no bananas spoon and gold betsy flasher was the ticket. Most of the fish were between 150 and 200 and right on top of the humps. [READ MORE]
May 30, 2016 1:54PM
Bolts15 wrote: Heading to Telegraph at the end of July for our annual family trip. I'm hoping the salmon fishing is as good as it was last year. Some initial reports I've heard doesn't sound great, but it's still early. A couple years ago we did well prawning right close to Telegraph, but the same area last year was not great. Did anyone else hav ... [READ MORE]
May 29, 2016 10:29PM
treblig wrote: I get a lot of lures sent to me and normally I bag or box them. After using them ,then washing them and then boxing them. NO matter how I dry them there is always some rust. Maybe it's the humidity I have a neat way of storing them now. Use the old racks from a fridge. They will be nicely organized, stored and air. I need a bigger ... [READ MORE]
May 29, 2016 8:53AM
treblig wrote: Often on the East Coast of Vancouver Island in our zone. This can change, you are allowed keep two salmon. One is a wild and one has to be a hatchery. Catch and release is very important and handling the salmon is a big concern for their revival with beach fishing . When I am beach fishing for salmon I can be 100+ yards wading f ... [READ MORE]
May 28, 2016 10:40AM
cory wrote: Dan, yes you are very lucky. Ive always wondered about using an inflatable survival pfd when river fishing but it seems to interfere with chest waders. It would be interesting if a company could design a pfd to wear with chest waders. I realize its not fool proof as waders will fill up with water but its gotta help! Oh yeah I fo ... [READ MORE]
May 27, 2016 6:40PM

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