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Gabriola Island
Submitted by Regan Lall | Feb 3, 2016 10:31AM
Waiting for the the Winter Springs - It has been a very slow winter season for springs. The herring has started showing, more each day. The water is very clear and we like to fish with 3'' spoons and no flasher, even the small Spr ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Chilliwack-Vedder River
Submitted by Brian McKinlay (604-864-5445) | Jan 26, 2016 1:22PM
Vedder river fishing report - Vedder - Chilliwack river conditions are awesome some days and tough on others due to the rain. Timing is everything. Watch the weather and river levels. Hit the Vedder when it's been dropping f ... [Continue Reading]
Port Alberni Inlet
Submitted by Doug Lindores | Jan 19, 2016 8:59AM
Best Kept Secret Has Been Alberni Inlet - The Alberni Inlet has been the best kept secret over the past three weeks for winter Chinook. A few local anglers have had some success out on the Inlet around the China Creek area and have don ... [Continue Reading]
Submitted by Jason Assonitis | Jan 16, 2016 1:31PM
New Year’s Fishing Report in Vancouver! - We are now about a month in to our winter chinook salmon season in local Vancouver waters. Overall, it has been a very encouraging start with decent numbers of legal and undersize fish around. ... [Continue Reading]
Submitted by Doug Lindores | Jan 13, 2016 12:07AM
Sunny Sunday Afternoon along Bamfield Wall Slow Winter Chinook Fishing - Sunday afternoon for a few fortunate local anglers was beautiful in parts of Barkley Sound. The afternoon cleared up with few clouds in the sky. The day and water was perfect, the winter Chino ... [Continue Reading]
Chilliwack-Vedder River
Submitted by Brian McKinlay (604-864-5445) | Jan 8, 2016 4:51PM
Vedder river fishing report - Vedder - Chilliwack river conditions lately have been clearish mostly and flow is medium. There's a few fish around but the bulk of the fish are probably another few weeks away and then it's goo ... [Continue Reading]
Report Image 1 Stamp River
Submitted by David Murphy | Dec 29, 2015 4:06PM
Stamp River ''Lunker'' Steelhead - This Weeks Highlights This WHOPPER of a Steelhead was released on Dec 28th morning. This fish would have made anyone's knees weak! Congratulations to angler Randy Baker and guide Nick Hennyj. W ... [Continue Reading]
Barkley Sound
Submitted by Doug Lindores | Dec 27, 2015 4:49PM
Fishing in Barkley Sound Has been Slow. Should pick up as we move into January - There has not been a lot of sport fishing in the Barkley Sound waters over the last few weeks. There has been some fairly good winter storms battering the coast but in between there have been ... [Continue Reading]
Port Alberni Inlet
Submitted by Doug Lindores | Dec 27, 2015 4:48PM
Great and relatively Long Season for the Alberni Inlet - The salmon fishing in the Alberni Inlet was relatively lengthy in 2015. Sockeye numbers were phenomenal. Chinook numbers returning to the Somass River system were also very good. The number o ... [Continue Reading]
South Van. Island Lakes
Submitted by Tom Vaida | Dec 23, 2015 12:19PM
Trout Fishing Good, Bass Fishing Very Slow - Trout fishing was GOOD on most lakes in the South Island area this past week. Cowichan Lake has produced some large cutthroat trout for those trolling plugs, but that is strictly a catch and rel ... [Continue Reading]
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STEELMASTER wrote: Yikes. Is the Stamp in trouble? Or just having a bad year? [/quote] It's definitely not a good year. There was more fish around a month or so ago and still not big numbers. It seems to me that the majority of the fish shoot right up to the falls pool area, hang out there for a bit, and then shoot right up the upper river not real ... [READ MORE]
Yesterday 9:18AM
cory wrote: Congrats Gil, that's pretty awesome you have your own theme song! :) [READ MORE]
Feb 3, 2016 8:22AM
SpringKingCubaKing wrote: Some good news here ::: A University of Victoria oceanographer says the ''blob'' of warm water in the Pacific Ocean is starting to break up due to strong winds and ocean currents. Richard Dewey says cold winds blowing from Alaska, which have been missing over the past few years, are causing the blob to finally clear up. ''Certainl ... [READ MORE]
Jan 22, 2016 11:05AM
SpringKingCubaKing wrote: Good site !!! Great info. here on Barracuda ::: [READ MORE]
Jan 19, 2016 10:38AM
finsnskins wrote: A lot of work to get those shots and too put that video together.. Great job. Beautiful British Columbia at its Best !! [READ MORE]
Jan 5, 2016 5:51PM

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