Enter the Coho's Nemesis... Metal!
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Enter the Coho's Nemesis... Metal!
Encouraging anglers to use metal as an alternative to wool when river fishing for Coho:

What do Coho hate with a passion strong enough to leave their pocket of deep comfortable†water and cross the river to crush it with their teeth? †...metal!

This year, during my fall Coho season, I have focused on using a tactic to harvest the tasty Coho of the Stamp river. †My spinning rods are rigged with spoons and spinners from Trophy Tackle. Come hell or high water, I have been determined to get the majority of my guest's bite.Overcoming the temptation to use the veiled hook by wool was difficult at times, but I held steadfast this season for the most part. †The results have been very successful, with plenty of hook-ups and lots of harvested Coho. Plus, my guests got to feel what its like to lure a Coho to bite. †It just feels good - very good. The kind of good where you as the sportsman-like angler lured that†fish, you mastered that fish, you bested it, isn't that what anglers crave?

Attachment: Coho on the Spinner
Coho on the Spinner
What I love about spoon fishing for Coho is the simplicity. †I use 9ft 6inch HMX spinning†rods, 2500 series Shimano or Abu Garcia spinning reels spun with 20lb braid and 2/5 oz or 2/3 oz Trophy Tackle spoons and spinners. That's all the gear you need to get a Coho to bite. †The trick in catching Coho in the Stamp river with metal is finding holding fish. †That has been the #1 most productive lesson I have learned over the years on the Stamp river, if you find holding fish, then you will find a fish that will bite. †The fish that are chugging upstream like a choo-choo train will leave your spoon behind at skunkaroo station, all aboard! Find holding fish, BAM Fish-on! †Ok it's not quite that easy but you get the point...

Attachment: Coho on a Spoon
Coho on a Spoon
This morning I got to fish for myself, so I tossed a spoon from 9am till 10:30am. †On my very first cast of the morning, a chrome Coho slammed my spoon a second after my spoon entered the water. †It hit hard enough to move the rod out of my loose grip before I was able to recover and set the hook. †Over the next 90 minutes we experienced several savage hits on our spoons, the very last fish of the day followed the spoon to our feet then darted to the right a couple meters only to return to the spoon with such force and speed that both of us yelled†''Holy SH!T DID YOU SEE THAT?!!'' †We had our limit of chrome Coho and went home. It was a spectacular morning weather and fishing wise and one I won't forget anytime soon.

Attachment: Coho on a spoon
Coho on a spoon

Spoon/spinner fishing for Coho is a fantastic alternative to wool. Try metal - you'll be hooked!

Tight lines,
Ian Barker

The Rambling Fisherman
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