Indian Candy Salmon (Asian Style)
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Indian Candy Salmon (Asian Style)
I have always guarded this recipe but what the hell its time to share.

First thing in creating Indian Candy salmon is the drying process.

Lots of failure attempts.

It turned out you need to have a lot of air moving like a convection oven but at a low temperature 90-109 degrees. With multiple layers for high volume. Convection oven could only do small amounts. It turned out that a 12-14 tray dehydrator with thermostat control was perfect. I also wanted to penetrate 100% the salmon and that doesnít often happen when doing large volumes.

Attachment: two 10 lb bags
two 10 lb bags
drying racks

By creating a vacuum bag it forces the candy brine through the full depth of the salmon slices. By doing the vacuum bag the other benefit is you donít have to make gallons of brine to accomplish the deep penetration. One of the biggest mistakes is to pour all the brine over the cut salmon hoping it will penetrate. It wonít as all the pieces will adhere to each other. What I find efficient is to put all the salmon in a large steel bowl and pour the brine over them and hand mix all the pieces till all is wet. Once wet they will not stick together and the brine will want to travel all through out the bag due to the vacuum. I flip the bags over every 12 hours . I normally let the salmon sit in the bags for 2 days but this time I left it for 3 days. WOW! What flavor.

Recipe for about 7 pounds: Never hurts to make lots of extra brine.
1 cup of light soy sauce ( light soy is the saltiest)
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of granulated sugar (if not used increase the maple syrup another 1/4 cup)
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
lots of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of lemon pepper (always add extra)
1/4 cup maple syrup

drying racks
ten level thermostat dehydrator

After the brine time drain the fish and place on racks to dry up a little for a hour. Spray the trays of the dehydrator with a non stick and place the salmon tight but without the pieces touching each other. Set dehydrator for 109 degrees for the first 24 hours and then drop to 90 degrees the second 24 hours. They should be hard by then and full of flavor.

Salmon pieces drying on racks for an hour after being removed from the brine creates a glaze on the salmon. The first 24 hours for the dehydrator I started with ten racks filled tight the salmon pieces nearly touching each other. This morning it is now reduce to 7 racks. The next 24 hours will be even more. You loose about 1/3 of the volume when you dehydrate them to the candy level . Often you find retailers call candy salmon but its like smoked salmon. True candy salmon will be hard and full of flavor you want to juice up and keep chewing without swallowing the salmon and enjoying the juices.

End results after 24 hours

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