The Seacrest Beach Rod and Crossover Center Pin
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The Seacrest Beach Rod and Crossover Center Pin
The Seacrest Beach Rod signature series

We wanted to create a superior rod for the Ultra Lite Beach fishing market. It had to be responsive with power and length for leverage and extreme casting distance performance. We wanted a two-piece to avoid non-linear issues affecting the transfer off power in the arc of the rod when casting. The strength of the rod had to be able to transfer through its full length and not be isolated just in the lower section. The rod had to be able to handle a 20 lb. Spring Salmon on 6 to 10 lb. main line. It had to be sensitive enough that you can feel the action of a 3/8 oz. lure. It had to be able to endure the rigorous handling and caustic effects of salt-water fishing. We wanted to replace the cork handle that often is degraded from use, weigh heavy, and diminished the pristine image of the rod.

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Seacrest review - Seacrest beach Rod/ center pin

We wanted the reel seat to be in a position that would balance the rod and allow leverage of the butt section to relieve the pressure off the wrist when casting and fighting large fish. We wanted the reel to be in place in the reel seat firmly with no movement under any strain. If possible we wanted the rod to be able to use a center pin reel on our big water rivers for steelhead and salmon. The rod has to handle our worst weather fishing condition as low as minus 5 with ice and snow. We wanted the rod to display such level of craftsmanship that fellow fishermen would say WOW


Lots of power in the Seacrest

River Creek Rods listened and then added high level craftsmanship. From the materials and manufacturing process used in the rod, to the ultra light and sensitive guides chosen, and the design, manufacturing and materials of the composite handle. Reduction of the rod weight with a target of 40% lighter was the goal. Durable finish that screams perfection. They added the ability to be able to use the rod for center pin fishing buy focusing on the position of the reel seat that would be conducive for spin casting and center pin casting. Added a high end Alps triangular up locking reel seat with two locking rings. Made of high strength, lightweight aluminum with a triangle ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip.

They replaced the cork with modular composite graphite textured handles for lightweight and easy grip even under the worst wet conditions. They made the upper section of the handle tapered and big enough for the largest of hands. This type of handle will continue to shine and display its pristine craftsmanship.

The rod length is 13 feet and in 2 pieces. Lined with 13 guides to control the coil of the fishing line coming of the spinning reel for smoother transition and less friction.

Signature series seacrest Beach Rod with ultra lite reel

The Seacrest Beach Rod on the Stamp River Review.

The first two hours of casting and drifting a float was with a spinning reel, one large split shot and three feet of fluorocarbon leader attached to a #2 Gamagatsu hook and a roe sack. The rod has casting power and wants to give you its best so its important to control the line outflow as its easy to reach the other side of the river. The next hour was without the float bottom bouncing the single large split shot and the roe sack. The rod felt every touch of the bottom and transferred to the user-completed response as it flowed down river with the current. The Seacrest rod handled with ease for it length and able to keep a direct line out of the water that reduce slack. Not once did the reel move through usage. With the Alp triangular shape reel seat the reel is stationed on a flat surface and no adjustment was needed with the locking rings. The alps reel seat is very easy to hold for long durations. As an ultra light beach rod nothing compares to the Seacrest performance, weight, and craftsman ship.

While fighting another broke the surface

The next two hours the Seacrest was mounted with a center pin reel. Casting with the Seacrest rod again was with ease. Casting the center pin with two hand or one is a smooth motion effort and it is imperative to control your cast as the rod wants to expel its power. The rod controlled three steelhead averaging about 10 lbs. with no issues and could have handled even heavier fish. Pivoting the rod butt allowed most fighting pressure to transfer off the wrist to the butt. The sliding float was controlled with line knot float stoppers for depth . When adjusted for deep drifts the stopper knot has to travels through the line guides.

This is where issues occurred. Due to the first six line guide sizes not being large enough. The knot traveling through them reduced and even stopped the cast. This caused a lot of stress on the guides, rod, gear and safety for the user as the line whips around due to the cast being stopped often the fisherman having to duck out of the way. It would have been impossible to fish through the guides if there were ice.

very easy to handle

Recommendations to increase the first 6 line guides another size larger for each position so the rod can handle a sliding float stopper when drift fishing deep in our big rivers.

As this is a prototype review, River Creek Rods quickly addressed to change the top 6 line guides one size larger. They listened and reacted quickly to increase the first 6 line guides another size larger to handle a sliding float stopper when drift fishing deep in our big rivers. This will put this rod over the top! Now that's a Rod company that cares, striving to be the best.

Handling the Seacrest rod for five hours created no strain on the wrist and arms. It is well balanced to both types of reels. Overall this rod is a nine out of ten and would recommend to anyone beach and river fishing.

As a prototype this rod was made for adjustments that will put it over the top. The River Creek Rods(RcR) 13 ft. Seacrest series rod is not yet available for sale.

This review was made honestly and without prejudice.

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  • John_Lubinsky's Display Pic
    John_Lubinsky This review has also been added as a permanent record on the River Creek Rods website... for your reading pleasure.

    Great Job Gil! This is the kind of professional journalism and non-biased evaluations the fishing industry needs. RcR appreciates both the positive feedback and the negative when given in a constructive way. This is the only way we are going to make our products the best they can be. That only improves the fishing experience for our customers! This review was nothing but positive, which means we did our homework and nailed it!

    The Seacrest rod is being modified as per Gil's suggestion on the top six guide positions, and I suspect that the end result for that rod will be over the top! We have also posted this article as a permanent record on our website... even with the slight mis-step on the small guides near the top. This is because we are not afraid of saying that we may not nail it right away... but since this was a proto-type rod, we will make the corrections before we release for production models. This ensures that our customers will receive the best products at the best values... bar none!
    Jan 5, 2014 5:21PM

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