Amundson Trend Iron Header TCP 450 Center Pin Reel
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Amundson Trend Iron Header TCP 450 Center Pin Reel
When we talk about the mystique of casting a center pin reel , it is about the challenges that the sports fishermen faces while mastering a technique that some consider to be the ultimate way to fish in our rivers and streams for salmon & steelhead. You are faced with a 1-1 ratio retrieve, zero drag or no brake other than what you can palm with your hand, as well as some unique casting techniques that challenge the individuals tolerances and patience.

Once the angler has mastered this style of reel, he will gain one of the most productive and prestigious fishing techniques for angling rivers and streams. When seen with this type of reel it tells all other anglers that you are a hard-core fisherman and a true member of the fraternity. This technique offers a finesse type presentation to steelhead, trout and salmon while float fishing with various types of gear. Have you ever lost a steelhead due to wrong drag settings
on your conventional reel? A center pin reel allows you a higher level of control where the drag tension is created with your hand, feathering the reel to respond to the perfect amount of tension necessary in order to succeed at landing a prized fighter.


Some center pin reels can have an extreme price tag and the MSRP price can vary from one manufacturer to another. With todayís technology and the superior advanced computer controlled machining that many manufactures use to make these style of reels Ė has allowed the overall initial cost to the angler that wants to venture into this niche sector, an easily obtainable opportunity to join in with the ranks of the elite.

Without sacrificing quality, Amundson Outdoor Products has created a reel that most fisherman can afford. It really does match the market, while offering high end quality at an affordable price. The Amundson TREND Iron Header center pin is well priced for the introductory to novice level, but will exceed the seasoned veterans expectations. It is an open face reel that allows easy access to the spool to correct any birdís nest created from over spooling. Itís machined from aerospace aluminum. The reel is easy to palm the contoured rim in order to control the desired drift or easily add drag while fighting the mighty Steelhead & various Salmon species. There is a clicker that can be engaged Ė while in use it will announce to all neighboring anglers that you have a big fish on. It can also help stop the reel from free spooling when not in use fishing. With the spool spinning on two Japanese made Ė shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and a high quality stainless steel spindle, the combination will allow the spool to free spin with next to no start up effort on the cast. The reel is very easy to change from left to right hand casting. With the TREND Iron Headerís large arbor, the 4 1/2 inch center pin reel can hold 100 yards 20lb backing and 300 yards 8 lb. mono line.

Maintenance is user friendly. The removal of one screw will allow you dissemble the complete reel for maintenance. There will be a time for oiling / cleaning and its important to use a high grade low viscosity oil that is designed for bearings. Any other type of oil or grease will degrade the free spooling. My favorite is Ardent reel butter bearing lube. It is 100% synthetic with a extreme low viscosity. It has anti-gumming agent and is consistent to high and low temperatures. This bearing oil will bond to steel, plastic, and brass. No graphite particles are in this oil and it actually will flush out dirt and debris out of the bearings while penetrating deeply and bonding.

The TREND Iron Header Ė TCP 450 center pin reel comes with an attractive neoprene case.

Great value in an affordable, high quality center pin reel.


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  • John_Lubinsky's Display Pic
    John_Lubinsky Nice Report Gil! Thanks for using a River Creek Rod in your report! The combo looks pretty good together!
    Jan 9, 2014 12:30AM
  • rcrusr's Display Pic
    rcrusr Nice, but do not forget there two types of center pin rods.
    Jan 9, 2014 6:43PM

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