Dam The Honey Do List
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For me the honey do list is created by the task manager. That is usually me. Yes I know we call it a honey do list referring to the fact that it is created by another partner normally the wife, the girlfriend, the other. When I say it, it's in a more humorous tone as in reality it is ''I'' who is the toughest on myself.

The end of March is the official ending of both salt and fresh water licenses. This for me on the East Coast of Vancouver Island signifies the end of the seasons. From July to the end of March I dedicate myself to the sport I love fishing. I call it dedication but its an addiction. My days off, my holidays, my late shifts often in the morning before work, day shifts with the summer hours I can fish till 10pm after I come home from work.

Unfortunately from April to June I can only go out when my friends with their boats invite me to join them in the salt chuck searching for what we call Winter feeders (Spring Salmon).

It doesn't take long for the shakes of withdrawal to appear and also the appearance of the notorious honey do list. So far we have installed new counters in the kitchen and main bathroom, new sinks, new dishwasher..... its only been 3 weeks. Then I retied all of the hedges that have suffered from the heavy snow and that is no easy task as I have three rows of hedges 8 feet, 12 feet and 15 feet high. A total of 110 feet in length.

Yup, I have to pay for all those days of fun fishing. It sounds like complaining but actually it's a good thing to have during the down time. We all like to complain about the honey do list but I am THE HONEY and the list keeps growing.... now where did I put that chain saw and power washer?

Whats on your list?

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