Fishing Reports - New Features
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Fishing Reports - New Features
Previously, provided users with current area fishing reports submitted by our preferred contributors. The new July 2013 update allows members to submit a report for any 'report location' we have listed on the site.

The look and feel of a fishing report has changed slightly to match the new website template but also gives members the chance to rate the report from 1 to 5 stars, 'like' the report, share on social media, and even comment on the report at the bottom of the page. Member submitted fishing reports will be displayed as a 'Member Submission' and will help encourage fellow anglers to share fishing reports for their favorite waters and have them categorized together on the 'Report Location' page. Professional contributors will also be writing reports for their local areas as before. Our moderators also now have the ability to turn a report-related forum post submitted by a member into a fishing report file and categorized in the appropriate 'Report Location'. Members and visitors of the site will have a much easier time finding current fishing reports for their desired area.

In addition to fishing reports, each 'Report Location' now has the ability to pin a number of important items under many different categories. Think of this as a member generated links / bookmarks site that can contain a bunch of related information for the 'Report Location'. This information could include things such as links to current weather, webcam feeds, fishing regulation, fishing closures, maps, local accommodations etc. Furthermore, these items can be linked into the map by placing them with a geo marker or even by drawing a shaded polygon to define an area. We encourage all of our members to start adding these items to their favorite 'Report Locations'. Once submitted, our staff will do a quick review of your item and approve it for public viewing. Why do this? Well the 'Report Location' page is useful as the community makes it. Make it your one stop check before going fishing. Check current fishing reports, related forum topics, and look up current conditions all from the info and links provided on the page.

Finally, you may notice a Subscribe button on the top right of the 'Report Location' page. By subscribing, you will receive a daily email from whenever there is a new report filed for that area. For example, if 3 reports were written on June 26th for the 'Report Location' - Bamfield, you would receive an email the morning of June 27th alerting you that new reports have been filed in a subscribed 'Report Location'.

We encourage you to take advantage of these new features and start making the most of! If you have any
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