ITS HERE! CJ Special Salmon Lure
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ITS HERE! CJ Special Salmon Lure
Quote from Robert Van Pelt article

''The Original  CJ Special Salmon lure is developed and designed by ardent angler Charlie Jones. Charlie hand tools and finishes his lures to a craftsman like finish. Charlies passion has been delicately furnished into each and every lure that he makes.

While testing the CJ Specials along the coastline of British Columbia Canada, we have had a great opportunity to catch multiple species of fish, including Salmon, halibut, lingcod and other groundfish species, as well as trout, steelhead, bass, musky & pike…the CJ Special has also been very successful at catch tropical warm water species too!

With all the hoopla surrounding Charlie and his infamous lure, he spends countless hours in his workshop making new lures. Last year Charlie licensed his product to a company who has a contract to develop the lure range for mass production…exciting news for many anglers and Charlie as well.

We can’t wait to buy this lure, as I can say with confidence based upon my own experience with the CJ Special – is that if you find the fish…you will catch the fish!''


In the early season the Spring (Chinook) salmon are loners, seldom schooling up and on the pursuit to build up their resources before they stage for spawning.   They are lone hunters and they are voracious. They are also moody. That is to say what will work well one day may not work the next day. The two main prey for them is the herring and needlefish with herring being more abundant. So it is the herring version that is now in production and is ready to hit Pacific Net and Twine shelves.

The CJ lure is a trolling lure. Early in the season you need an attractor to get the salmon's attention.  I have used the CJ lures two ways - With a flasher attached to a 4-5 foot leader to the lure and the other way is to have the attractor (flasher) on the downrigger line 5 feet out and then the CJ lure above 8-10 feet and about 10 feet out. This latter method is called using a dummy flasher. Another method I haven't used but others have is a string of attractors called the daisy chain also attached to the main down rigger line with the lure above and behind. Both work successfully and the benefit is when you're fighting the salmon it is just the salmon and the lure. When dropping the downrigger with these methods it important not to drop your gear down fast.  You could wind up in a tangled mess. That is why the distance between the flasher's attachment and the release clip on the down rigger line  must be farther apart than the length of the line of the flasher. You will also be amazed when a salmon takes up your offering on the way down.

The depth of success will vary but I have caught spring salmon 90 feet to 170 feet. There will be time you want to check your lure and bring it up. When you release the lure from the downrigger let it rise to the surface on its own. By doing this you’re going through the whole water column and improving your chances of attracting and catching a salmon at a different depth.

While testing the CJ Special Salmon Lures I have found the optimum speed is 2-3 miles per Hour. That on occasion, the boat speed can be wrong if you’re judging by your boat speedometer. Another factor is the current or the movement of water as the tides shift. For example low tide is 4.7 and high tide is 16 feet.  That is a huge shift and the currents will be fast. Trolling with the current in this case would be very difficult to attain the action of the lure at its optimum performance without going very fast. Whereas against the current you would have to drop your speed considerably. All of my buddies will use the speedometer but when this occurs they will judge there optimum trolling speed by the bend of the rods and the angle of the fishing line as it enters the water. They call it 'old school'.

When there is an abundance of salmon this lure will also work well on it's own with no flasher. Coho have hit them 10 feet from the boat just as you're trying to drop the downrigger. Sometimes that’s a problem when your targeting springs (Chinook) and the coho just won't leave it alone.

I have even had success  casting off the beaches with the little herring. ……….. But that’s another report ………. Stay tuned.

Whatever the method they catch fish. They will be the hot lure this season exclusively sold at Pacific Net and twine .

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