Amundson Outdoors New Crossover Rod - Strategy X
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Amundson Outdoors New Crossover Rod - Strategy X
Seven years ago I wanted to be involved with a new idea, and that was fishing for salmon with long ultra lite rods and reels. I realized that 90 % of the fishermen were fly anglers with only a small portion consistently catching coho and spring salmons. Most were of the older generation.

Also there were a lot of days when the fishing for a fly angler was suppressed due to weather, surf, wind, tide lines and floating debris. The salmon were there but they were farther out.

Today, there is more spin casting anglers now on the beaches with long rods and lite gear than in the past. The market is growing exponentially and I can now announce a new rod from Amundson Outdoors that is now available on the market. It is designed to be a center pin or a long beach rod. It is a 13í or an 11.6í two pcs with high frame configuration. The blank is high modulus with popular carbon fiber handles and the PAT. PEND.

The Amundson Strategy X center pin or beach-casting rod has an adjustable position reel seat PAT. PEND. For the individual balance and comfort.

With angler of all varying statures and gender, finding a rod that is balanced for long hours of use and obtaining the best out of the rod is challenging.

Your stationary rod seat speaks for its self. Every manufactures place it in a different position and often that doesnít match to the comfort of the individual.

The adjustable reel seat rings can be balanced but the issue is its stability with cork handles. With the cork handles used there is wear, cork does shrink and expand. It is heavier and the most important the reel rings eventually loosen. That is why you always see users having the reel rings taped down to the cork handles.

With the Amundson Strategy X rod the reel seat can actually slide up or down the rod and can be fully be locked in place. It will not move under any duress usage until itís required.

Amundson replaced the cork with modular composite graphite textured handles for lightweight and easy grip even under the worst wet conditions. They made the adjustable reel seat section of the handle comfortable for all sizes of hands. This type of handle will continue to shine and display its pristine craftsmanship

The Strategy X can endure the rigorous handling and caustic effects of salt-water fishing. The cork handle often is degraded from use, weigh heavy, and diminished the pristine image of the rod. With the new 'patented' adjustable locking reel seat balanced to the individual reduces the leverage to relieve the pressure off the wrist when casting and fighting large fish is obtained.

The Strategy X displays such level of craftsmanship that fellow fishermen would say WOW

This is a very high-end rod and offered for a very reasonable price.

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  • Madmax's Display Pic
    Madmax Where is this going to be available to buy ?
    July 23, 2015 12:30AM
  • treblig's Display Pic
    treblig HI Madmax.

    I am not sure of your location. If you are on Vancouver Island Pacific Net and Twine has them in stock. Ask for manger Robert Van Pelt.

    Pacific Net and Twine
    1380 Alberni Hwy, Parksville, BC V9P 2C9
    (250) 248-6953

    July 23, 2015 12:59AM
  • Madmax's Display Pic
    Madmax I'm in nanaimo thanks!
    July 23, 2015 2:11AM

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