Using Fresh Water Dry Float Line On Salt Water
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Using Fresh Water Dry Float Line On Salt Water
One of my pet peeves with a fly line is you canít test one out without spending a lot of money. During my exploration with fly lines fishing the salt water on the East Coast of Vancouver Island I discovered performances were very disappointing and others often forced me to wear a finger guard as it eventually cut my finger.
Eventually I found a line that had a low friction surface, and I didnít have to wear a finger guard. It would last more than two years from the abrasive fishing off our beaches and it would cast with ease. It was a clear low semi sinking line.

I stayed away from floating lines, as they were another disappointment. They say floating but I found them always slowly sinking. Not sure why in those days. Last year I read a small article on floating fresh water fly line on the salt waters. I was so impressed by this article I again started to research again.
What it said was - use a fresh water floating fly line and you would get better result on the salt chuck. The manufactures salt-water float lines are thin as the salt water creates a more buoyant condition. In fresh water the lines are thicker as it has to have a stronger ability to float without salt holding it to the surface.
That made sense but whom should I invest in. I didnít want to spend a lot of money so I thought I would stay with the manufacture that hasnít disappointed me in the last 15 years. Alas the line I settle on that would perform on the modern day fast rod was only sold in the United States. The costs were prohibitive after paying the exchange, shipping, taxes and duty.

So back again researching. A lot of my friends were using the Rio brand fly lines and convinced me to try it. I settled on the Rio Grand trout fresh water fly line. It was designed for fast rods and actually is one weight heavier. So A 8wt would be closer to a 9 wt. It shooting head was 30 feet with a very thin running line?

From Rio:
Attachment: RIO Grand fresh water floating line
RIO Grand fresh water floating line

- The RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods. The line has a short head that is easy to cast, and is built with ''MaxCast'' Technology, RIO's ultra-sophisticated line coating that actively repels water for higher floatation, longer casts and greater durability. The RIO Grand is the best choice of line for the modern, fast action fly rod.
- Front loaded, short head
- A full line size heavier to easily load fast rod
- Built with a supple, coldwater core and coating
- Welded loops on both ends

I took it out last evening on the beaches and pulled off a good portion of line and started my cast eventually leading to my double haul that gets me a lot of power. The line performance was so quick that I ran out of line that I had drawn off the reel and as the line came forward it actually pulled the rod down, recoiling the line back. I was shocked. So I pulled 6 more draws of line off the reel and casted again . I was amazed how smooth and with ease the line shot out and took all the extra line I took off the reel. To make things better the first test for the line I landed a nice Pink salmon for supper.

Excellent line for long distance casting with fast rods .

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  • vman's Display Pic
    vman A great review, Gil.
    Aug 28, 2015 2:16AM
  • treblig's Display Pic
    treblig Thank you vman
    Aug 28, 2015 4:26AM

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