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July 29, 2014 5:22PM Post #1
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I was out Sunday and caught a nice cohorts about a mile off the fingers trolling fast with the downriver at 150ft. Didn't catch or see anthing else all day. Caught it on a white/yellow Apex. The Green/White Coyote on the other side didn't produce. Are there any tips to catch the springs that are around?
July 29, 2014 6:51PM Post #2
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If you didn't see anything else at all the rest of the day...perhaps you were not where the fish were.....

You don't need to go fast with spoons for Chinooks....2 mph is plenty .

I just heard of a 32lb'er taken yesterday north of there a ways on a Green/White spoon.

What flasher were you using with the spoon?
(If you were using a flasher)

How far back of it was your spoon?

Were you fishing ''on the bite time''?'s all about the

Did you fish the same spot all day?

What size Coyote spoon was it?

For sale:- One pet Seal and 900 yards of rope with a harness........trained to catch Chinooks that are over 30lbs. only.
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