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Nov 1, 2015 9:18PM Post #1
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Earlier this summer I had a little extra down time to go through the hundreds of hours of video I had shot from the last couple of years... I started making some short - less than a minute - long videos that people could watch on their phones and data to get the juices flowing. This project is ongoing, and I will be making more. A few samples below.

Watch in 1080!

Lately, I've also been working on how to make some ''fishing episodes.'' I've always wanted to do it, but never really figured out how I wanted to go about it. A month or so ago, I decided to do a few hours of filming that I could later stitch together, and this is what I got:

If I get enough positive feedback for the fishing episodes, it will become a regular occurrence. Please let me know what you think - and give any suggestions you can come up with to make them better/more entertaining.


Hope you enjoy!!
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Nov 2, 2015 8:38PM Post #2
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Thanks Smokey, those were quite enjoyable to watch. I only got out fishing twice this summer, the water conditions being what they were and other extenuating circumstances. I'll just have to hope next year will be better.
I don't recognize those places, guess I'll have to do some more exploring!
Nov 3, 2015 2:02PM Post #3
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Hey Dan,

I enjoyed them and hope you make more! I especially enjoyed the last one where you spoke on camera about the fishing trip, location, conditions etc.

A lot of people compile youtube clips from gopro footage of their fishing trips and then just overlay a catchy tune to the whole thing... but if you speak to the camera as if you were going to make a fishing show as you are filming it adds a whole new dimension and purpose to the video.

The extra info you describe with your voice is something that helps us further interpret what we are watching with our eyes. To me that makes it more interesting.

cheers Cheers!
Making a fishing show episode was on the bucket list, check it out!!! Catching On - Fishing Show Episode
Nov 4, 2015 8:57AM Post #4
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Very enjoyable!
Thanks for posting.
Nov 4, 2015 9:42PM Post #5
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Thanks for the kind words guys!

Riverscout - I know what you mean. My summer fishing was drastically reduced, to the point where I didn't even touch a rod really for a month or so. I hope next year will be better as well.

As for the spots, I'm still a firm believer that videos like this won't cause a crowd, just due to what you posted there. Unless you have been there a few times and can recognize a landmark, there is no way you can figure out what river it is, even with a video complete with backdrops. Rivers like the stamp, etc are a different story, but small remote ones is no big deal IMO.

Cory - I plan to make a bunch more. My winter season will be extremely heavy on the fishing side of things. My goal at this point is to release one every 2 weeks or more. Hopefully I can start building up my page with regular viewers.

I was really trying to figure out a way to film episodes like this without making myself look like an idiot. I was hoping the way I filmed it would appeal to viewers. Hopefully I'll get better as I do more of these.

Glad you all enjoyed them!
Nov 5, 2015 7:13PM Post #6
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Look forward to more videos Dan....and like Cory said, narrating a story line into the videos adds a nice dimension.


Nov 7, 2015 8:21AM Post #7
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Very nice. Just love how your quality of photos are.

click here
Nov 7, 2015 9:55AM Post #8
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Hi Dan,

Really enjoyed those videos. I think videos are much powerful medium than photos when shared. The visual aspects and quality of video are awesome. I agreed that with your voice and some explanations really do add personal touch and linked to the video. I really like the mentioning of tackles. I enjoyed them very much! Even though I lived in Vancouver island, I can not tell the location of your video which is great! It just encourages others to go out and explore. Looking forward to see more videos from you, both from Stamp and other rivers.

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