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Nov 13, 2016 1:58AM Post #1
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Fishery Notice - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Subject: FN1259-RECREATIONAL - Salmon - Region 1: Vancouver Island River Systems - Chum Daily Limit Change

Strong chum returns have been observed in numerous Vancouver Island river
systems recently. These large returns will or have surpassed escapement goals.

Effective immediately until December 31, 2016 the daily limit of chum is four
(4) per day in the open portions of the following Region 1 rivers:

Cowichan River:
That portion of the Cowichan River from the 66 Mile Trestle downstream to the
Highway No. 1 Bridge (Silver Bridge).

Nanaimo River:
That portion of the Nanaimo River from the upstream side of the Cedar Road
Bridge, upstream to the end of Boswell Rd. (commonly known as “Firehall Pool”).

Nitinat River:
Those portions of the Nitinat River located downstream of Parker Creek and from
50 m upstream to 50 m downstream of the Nitinat River Bridge.

Puntledge River:
All areas open to fishing.

Qualicum River:
That portion of the Qualicum River upstream of the Big Qualicum Hatchery, those
waters between the pool above the upper weir (located approx. 75 meters
downstream of the E&N bridge to the Horne Lake Dam), and those waters
downstream of the Highway 19A bridge.

Little Qualicum River:
All areas open to fishing.

Variation Order No. 2016-510 and 2016-511
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Nov 16, 2016 7:45PM Post #2
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It been three weeks. With the break in the weather I thought I would get out one more time. I was using 12 mm steelybead and landed 6 Chum Salmon.
That should do it till the river subsides and the hunt for steel begins

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