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With about 40,000 of the seals in the Straits of Georgia, the impact on juveniles is huge. Harbor seals consume about 2 kilograms of fish per day (4.4 pounds) and if those are all juvenile salmon, the total impact for coho salmon alone amounts to 5.7 million in one month (assumes the average hatchery coho smolt weighs 20 grams (0.044 pounds) and a seal diet is 4.8 percent coho smolts). This may be “driving regional survival patterns of Chinook and coho salmon,” the study concludes.


When Congress passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972, making it illegal to kill or harass marine mammals, the California sea lion population hovered around 10,000... Today they number an estimated 300,000, stretching from Mexico to Southeast Alaska.

If they are not removed, salmon won't recover. ''This is not just a loss for my tribe,'' he said, ''but everyone in the Northwest.''

Oregon, Washington and tribes again take aim at sea lions in dispute over salmon:


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