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A Novice Spey Angler

Watching a Spey fly casting angler casting with the various smooth casting techniques I often found myself thinking there is no way I could do learn that or even afford the tackle. Often Spey angler can easily power line out without a back over the shoulder cast, as I would have using a single hand fly rod.
With advance technology, manufactures have been able to create high end products at more affordable prices.
Today?s age of electronic communications, it?s easy to explore web sites though forums, web pages and social media that want to share their knowledge to expand the Spey angling community.
Being a well-versed fisherman using single fly rods I decide to make the change. It all started when Amundson Outdoors sending me their WIND WARRIOR SPEY ROD 4-PC 14 feet 3 inch 9 wt., Spey rod to challenge our large salmon in our local rivers.
Then Forged Fly Fishing offered the Forged Royale salt water /Spey reel 9 wt. to match the set up.
I found trying to complete the set up with the various lines was over whelming. There is allot off advise from fishermen, forums, web sites, you tube and retailers. Every option was different.
As a novice sooner or later you have to make a decision. I decided to write to Rio Products for advice and they responded quickly based on the rod size and weight and the large salmon I was targeting. Also keeping in mind that I will be fishing small rivers tossing large flies and weighted flies and being a novice.
My adventures will be from a novices view with all the trials and tribulations experience of my learning curve.
My objective is to help those that want to but hesitate from experiencing this amazing technique.


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