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Sept 5, 2017 5:17PM Post #1
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Hey guys!

Spent some time riding the ferry this past weekend to move Kitty on the island. I normally use that time to write blogs or do photo editing, etc. Caught up on mostly everything - so I figured it'd be worthwhile to write about the one awesome trip we did this summer. Check it out for some big ole summer run porn!



Monsters and Misfortune


Sept 6, 2017 11:03AM Post #2
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Another awesome blog post. Hope your ankle heals soon! cheers
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Sept 7, 2017 9:53PM Post #3
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Thanks for sharing Dan. Congrats on those monsters summer with ur wife. We are lucky to live on the island. Hope you recover soon and blog more adventures.
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Sept 12, 2017 3:46PM Post #4
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Wow is an understatement. Amazing photos.
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