Gabriola, British Columbia, Canada
Great sizes are showing
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Chinook Salmon to 28 lbs PHENOMENAL N/A Mid Afternoon 200 to 230
Lingcod to 16 lbs GREAT Slack N/A 35 to 55
Not Targeted: Chum Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon, Rockfish, Sockeye Salmon
Fishing around Thrasher to Grande has been fantastic, huge hits, long runs and great fights, that is just the 12#ers . Hearing many stories on the radio that fish have been running and breaking off leaders or just wildly shaking their heads and spiting hooks including on our boat. Managed to boat a 28# (well my wife did) The bloom and silt have been moving around messing up the lines, some area are better that other at time. The best from the tackle box has been, hoochies and large spoons, green & blues.
Have to be very careful around the prawn float, we have beed experiencing that some of the float are in only 100' of water with 500' of floating line,, you have to make a really wide berth around them or you going to be hooking your cannon ball on them.

Weather great, winds are calm, I out of here.
see you on the water
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Go Fish Charters
Go Fish Charters operates out of Nanaimo & Gabriola area. Fishing for Salmon, Bottom Fish, Prawns & Crab. Our 28' Kingfisher Harbercraft comfortably handles 6 guest plus 2 crew.
Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
[ph] 250 247 9291
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