Gabriola, British Columbia, Canada
Loads of resident Chinooks
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Chinook Salmon to 12 lbs MEDIOCRE Flood Mid Afternoon 130 to 180
Chum Salmon to 15 lbs GOOD N/A N/A 30 to 130
Not Targeted: Coho Salmon, Lingcod, Pink Salmon, Rockfish, Sockeye Salmon
It starting to look like it going to be a very good winter fisheries for Chinooks. Loads of just under size are hanging around. If the feed sticks the will also. Just hoping the herring fisheries do not happen in this area. Grande to the waterfall and the top end (north) of Thrasher is very productive with Springs. Small spoons of Green & white and blue and whites and also anchovies with Teaser heads (bait helmets as our Americans friends say).
The last of the Chums are heading up river with all this rain. Just came back from Gold stream with loads of Chums spawning. At least 1 of the species doing well.
Looks like pawning in the area has bounced back nicely. Remember to take only what you need and toss back the berried ones.

Stay dry and get out (when the winds die down)

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Go Fish Charters
Go Fish Charters operates out of Nanaimo & Gabriola area. Fishing for Salmon, Bottom Fish, Prawns & Crab. Our 28' Kingfisher Harbercraft comfortably handles 6 guest plus 2 crew.
Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
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Gabriola Island Reports
Put a hook in the water and catch fish It is great to see the fishing this good this early. We have been out most days with great success. Hearing most boat also limiting out with in a few hours. We having fished off the Grande from En...
Chinooks are feeding around Grande After a few weeks of huge herring balls and not many Springs, the herring have moved off shore and the salmon are starting to hit the lures. Once you find a concentration of salmon it is quite acti...
Winter feeders are holding at Thrasher Between the rain and the winds we haven't been out much in January. But the 3 times out have been productive. Lots of feed all over Grande to Whalebone but not many chinooks. As for Thrasher when y...
Thrasher still holding Chinooks. The bait is in good abundance around the structure at Thrasher and Grande to the waterfall. The trick is finding the vein of Chinook. When you do it is non stop action. One day they are all at the ...
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